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Jmusic Traveler
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V-rock anyone…? Looking for friends ;) 
8th-Oct-2011 02:21 pm
Jrock - Wataru - Light
Hey guys. Just throwing this out there in hopes that some of you are going to v-rock this year.

Due to good crazy stuff happening in my life, I’m going to be in Tokyo for the week. Due to bad crazy stuff I will be there on my own :( While this is not a problem at all (I’ve travelled all around Japan on my own before and can I just say that my Japanese is atrocious!!!!) I would feel, well, wrong, if I was in Tokyo and didn’t go to V-rock and yet I don’t really want to do a full day festival on my own. Last year I was at Beat Shuffle and Re-Classify final on my own and that was all cool, but a massive festival… well, I’d like some people to chat to.

So is anyone else going and willing to have a crazy Australian girl tag along with them? Main bands that I am going for would be lynch. (Hazuki love!!!), MUCC, girugamesh, Born, Screw, Golden Bomber (random, but they had me in stitches at Over the Edge) and then whatever else goes.

I’m not clingy or co-dependent and more than happy to run off by myself then come back then run off then come back then talk to random strangers and have drinks (I’m also a pro at smuggling drinks in and getting trashed) but it would still be nice to know people to go crazy with. In turn, if you are all in Tokyo I can take you to one of the best yet little known rock bars in Shinjuku where, if the right DJ is playing, they will bust out with some VK stuff.

Well, I officially feel like I am posting up a classified ad, so I shall stop there.

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