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Jmusic Traveler
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Selling tickets 
14th-Nov-2011 01:56 am

I hope trying to sell tickets is allowed on this comm.. Sorry mods if it isn't >_<

This is probably a pretty long shot since they're an indies band, but is anyone here a fan of Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (yes, that's the band's name)? I managed to get a ticket to their December show through the pre-ballot, but have just been told that I'll need to be overseas during that period on a conference. Here are the details:

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
"NEXTREME" Release Tour Final
Date: 11 December 2011 (Sunday)
Venue: Daikanyama UNIT

I'm asking for 3,320yen, which is the ticket (2,800) plus whatever service fees was charged. There are auctions/third-party sites with really inflated prices, but I'm not seeking to profit, just want to pass this to someone who'd make better use of this ticket than me. It's a sold out show, so you can't get tickets through the official avenues anymore!

For anyone else interested to check them out, their website is http://www.lasvegas-jp.com/. I'm really bad with genres, but I think they're considered screamo/melocore.

Thanks for reading!
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