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Jmusic Traveler
An index for the fans, by the fans on everything concerning concerts in Japan!
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Konnichiwa! Welcome to jmusic_traveler, an English language guide to concerts and venues in Japan. I'm Chen (aka aziraphale_666), community owner and moderator. Feel free to look around - there's not much here yet, but I hope to change that soon! Please take a peek at the rules and community info, and if you're interested in joining why not give us a quick self introduction? Otherwise, feel free to start posting! If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or alterations/additions to the information already here, please consult the community info, and you can always drop me a line at a.wilde.shade.of.grey (at) gmail (dot) com or comment over at aziraphale_666.

Thank you, and welcome to the community!
20th-May-2010 05:16 pm - docomo Phones?
"I like redbull too(人´▽`)"
 Hey! This is probably a bit irrelevant question, but I want to inquire about docomo phones.

How well they work outside Japan?
Does anyone in Finland or other Scandinavian country have one, and would like to discuss it with me?

Is there anything special I should know about them?

I am about to buy my own soon, but I'm worried it doesn't work.

Also, what's their usual price in Japan?

Thank you SO MUCH if anyone can help me m(__)m
6th-May-2010 11:32 pm - Question: Train Operating Hours
KIFUMI (born)
I'm going to watch a live on the 23rd in Motoyawata Route 14 and I need to know until what time I can catch the train there since I will be staying in Shinagawa. Please help me... Thanks :D
I wonder if anyone can help me ><
I'm going to Tokyo in May, and I'm hoping to go to PSC's 「TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol.99」concert. Five of my favorite bands (ViViD/vistlip/ヴィドール/SCREW/ダウト) are playing in that show so I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go!!!!  But, I'm having trouble getting the ticket in advance. Dx  It looks like I can't buy it unless I am in Japan. ><  Here's is the ticket distributing site: http://www.getticket.jp/g?t=xb2x2du
I wonder if anyone know if there's another way I can get the tickets once I'm in Tokyo? Can I get them from Lawson or Pia?

Also, is anyone going to this concert? I thought it'd be good to know someone else who'll be going also.... that is, if I'm able to get the ticket....

Thanks in advance!!!
16th-Mar-2010 11:19 pm(no subject)
dir en grey: kaoru
Hey, all!

I just got word that I'll be going to Japan this summer to study, and though I'll be in Hakodate for most of the time, I am planning to bum around the rest of Japan once the program is done. I'd love to stop and go to a live, but I'm not sure who's all playing around that time.

Basically, I have my list of bands I would love to see (Diru, MUCC, Plastic Tree, alice nine, Kagrra, SID...) and though I'm checking their sites periodically to see if any schedules are posted, it appears I'm either out of luck, or too early. Looking for something preferably in the Tokyo area around beginning-mid August, but I can work with whatever. Is there some kind of database of bands playing during the summer? Or does anyone want to recommend a show around that time?

15th-Mar-2010 10:11 pm - Going to Japan tomorrow
Jrock - Ruki - Instability
So, I am heading off to Japan tomorrow morning. Woot.

It is not my first time there, but this time I am doing it on my own; half backpacking and half living in some luxury. However, I was wondering if anyone else would be heading to lynch.'s lives in Shibuya (on the 26th of March) and at Club Citta (28th of March) I am dedicated to going to those two on my own (lynch. love knows no bounds) but thought I would put it out there to see if anyone else would be around who wouldn't mind a tall Australian tagging along with them.

Cheers guys
Dio Video Comment
Last Memories...A Message from Dio to Fans
February 8th 2010

For this edition of the musicJAPANplus video comment, Dio will make an appearance!
With their live performance at Takadanobaba AREA on March 13th, Dio will come to an end. Right now they are busy making preparations for their final concert. They are planning to hand out a special DVD on that day. In between the filming they kindly made some time to send a comment for musicJAPANplus.
This video provides an intimate look at what Dio has been up to; something that all fans must have been wondering about. The members say that they've reached the decision to break up on positive terms. They've written and discussed about it in blogs and various other media. The video comment provides a glimpse of another side of their thoughts you normally don't get to see! Check it out!



21st-Feb-2010 10:27 pm - Music Festival in Taiwan
guren alone

It has to do with jmusic, but not in japan, so delete this if it's not okay.  I'll try to not take it personally!!!  ; )


March 12/13/14 = Megaport Festival ( http://www.megaport.com.tw/ ) in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.  Mucc, D'Espairs Ray, and D=Out will be playing. Is anyone in Taiwan going?

My regular concert buddy has gone back home to America as of the Chinese New Year and I've already asked for the days off of work to go, but would really like to meet up with somebody (I'll be going no matter what, but I'd love to meet someother Jrock people while I'm here).  Anyone out there???
There's also some really great other local bands playing. 

I remember someone discussing a place to get tickets for sold-out shows in Tokyo, is there someplace like that in Osaka?

The Kobe GaGa show just sold out (in 10 min) and several of us are probably desperate enough to pay more.
13th-Jan-2010 07:22 pm - Mix Speaker's,Inc. Live Photo Book!
Check out the Photo book of Mix Speaker's,Inc. 2nd Story GRAND FINALE [BIG BANG MUSIC!]
~線路は続くよどこまでも / Senro wa tsuzukuyo dokomademo~
at C.C.Lemon Hall

Episode 146: SUGIZO Using Merchandise Hooded Sweatshirt in Private!!

Hi everybody!! This is musicJAPANplus writer kanako.
Two weeks have already past since New Year's Day...when I was watching TV someone was saying "There is only 350 days left until this year ends!!" That made me a bit anxious, like "That's right! I've got no time to lose!!" Anyway let's all enjoy 2010 to the fullest at a leisurely pace!

Although I've started off by talking about 2010, let me go back and talk about 2009 a bit! At the end of last year I went to interview my very last artist for 2009. He was SUGIZO, who has been performing as a member of the rock bands LUNA SEA and X JAPAN. In May I had gone to see a concert held by X JAPAN, and also had watched SUGIZO perform at Shinagawa Stellar Ball on December 23rd. On both occasions I had been struck by how 'beautiful' he was!! So while making my way to a certain shop in Tokyo, I was a bit nervous about meeting him in person......Read the whole article here!!

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