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A community dedicated to creating an English language database for concert & venue info in Japan

Jmusic Traveler

Konnichiwa! Welcome to jmusic_traveler, an online community dedicated to creating a comprehensive English-language guide to concerts and concert venues in Japan. The aim of the community is to help foreign Jmusic fans easily obtain accurate, helpful information on tours, tour locations, purchasing tickets, transportation to venues and meeting up with fellow concert-goers. This is a forum for both people who'd like to go to concerts and people who've already been.


+ Please keep all posts relevant to the community's topic. The type of posts that are permissible here include:

- Information on tour dates for any Japanese group or musician
- Information on obtaining tickets for Japanese concerts
- Information on concert venues within Japan
- Directions, public transportation guides, and helpful city advice as it pertains to venues in Japan
- Requests for information on any of the above
- Meet-up requests (ie, "Is anyone else going to ...?")
- Introductory posts for new members are welcome and encouraged!
- Advertisements to Jmusic related communities are allowed, but please only post one advertisement per community

+ LJ cuts are your friends. Please use them for longer information posts.

+ If you wish to keep a "meet up" request friends locked, that's fine - however, please keep information posts public so that non LJ users can make use of the information, too.

+ For the sake of uniformity, please follow the established formats when posting information to the community. You can find a list of post formats here.

+ In order for us to make this community as comprehensive as possible, tags are important - please don't forget to tag your entries! For a list of current tags, please refer to the Tags List; if you'd like to request a new tag, you can do so at this post.

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